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6 Madhu Mohana
Madhu Mohana
  • Position
  • Defenders
  • Date of Birth
  • 06-03-1991
  • Appearances
  • -
  • Goals
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  • Debut
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Biography: Born on 6 March 1991, Madhu Mohana is a no-nonsense defender. Never one to shy away from a tackle, Madhu never allows attackers past him easily. Tough nut to crack!

Height: 1.83

Weight: 70kg

Former club: Woodlands Wellington FC

Former local legend: Terry Pamanathan

One memory of the Malaysia Cup days: Sundram’s Bicycle Kick

Favourite world footballer: John Terry

Favourite club in the world: Barcelona

Three words to describe yourself as a footballer: Aggressive, Calm, Hardworking

Favourite dish: Chicken Rice

Favourite singer: John Legend